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Back to the basics - Copying a folder in MDT 2010

May 07 2011
As ususal in Windows we can do similar things in quote many different ways, but by taking advantage of the built-in MDT objects we can often easy the pain. Here is a sample for copying a folder, using the MDT progress bar, properties, logging and errorhandling...

OEM Preload with ConfigMgr 2007

May 04 2011

In ConfigMgr 2007 R3 Microsoft added a new OEM preload scenario in addition to the OEM preload for ConfigMgr SP2 (and R2) added by MDT 2010. This article explains the different options.

Final Configuration for MDT 2010 Lite Touch

Apr 26 2011
Sample script to execute code after the Task Sequence is completed. This script will clean out any Leftover MININT or Sysprep folders. Enable WindowsUpdate, Set a default domain value (read from the JOINDOMAIN environment variable), and then do a proper final reboot...

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