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Software Assurance Pays Off – Remote Connection to WinPE during MDT/SCCM deployments

Jul 23 2011
In the new Dart 7 release (part of MDOP 2011 R2), Microsoft added a remote connection application to WinPE, it allows you to connect to a WinPE system using the new Dart Remote Connection Viewer. Very useful when troubleshooting deployments remotely. This article explains how to integrate that with MDT 2010 Lite Touch and ConfigMgr 2007 OSD (MDT Zero Touch).

Leftover junk prevents new installation in MDT 2010

Jun 10 2011
One of the most common issues with MDT 2010 LiteTouch is leftover junk from a previous installation preventing a second installation to continue. The solution - Get rid of the junk. Here is sample script...

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