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Using the Unified Write Filter (UWF) feature in Windows 10

May 25 2017
In the Windows 10 Enterprise (including LTSB) and Windows 10 Education editions, you can enable the Unified Write Filter (UWF) feature to prevent changes to the hard drive. This is particular useful for kiosk-type scenarios, or classroom environments where you don’t want enthusiastic students to install software etc. on to the machines :)

Error 0x80070070 in ConfigMgr OSD during BIOS to UEFI step

May 23 2017
After I upgraded our SCCM to 1702 and the ADK to 1703 the step for converting a device from BIOS to UEFI in our Windows 7 –> Windows 10 Task sequence started to fail with an 0x80070070 error. This had worked without any problems in SCCM 1611 and the 1607 ADK so what had changed?

The complete idiot’s guide to Windows as a Service

May 06 2017
For what feels like the tenth time, Microsoft is changing their terminology/strategy around Windows 10 updates. Below is a recent thread covering the topic (thanks to Ami Casto (@AdaptivaAmi) and SystemCenterDudes (@scdudes) for making me aware of the changes):

Fixing why Sysprep fails in Windows 10 due to Windows Store updates

Apr 13 2017
When creating reference images for Windows 10, Sysprep is going to fail if the machine have Internet access, and have enough time to start updating it’s built-in applications. This post is about preventing that from happening, and is a companion to uber-guide on building Windows 10 reference images in the real world:

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