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Upgrading MBAM 2.5 SP1 with the June 2017 servicing update

Sep 14 2017

In order to support Windows 10 v1703, your MBAM 2.5 SP1 server should have the June 2017 servicing update installed.

Note: Windows 10 1703 is still manageable without this update, but without this update, the MBAM compliance report displays blanks when the cipher strength is set to XTS-AES.

You can download the June 2017 servicing update here:


The MBAM Server Configuration wizard.


Updating the MBAM server

Now, the story around MBAM updates is not the best, and the release notes does not give much info either, but this is what you have to do.

Note #1: Make sure you have the current MBAM setup documented (exported PowerShell from the initial is the best), because you have to provide all info once again.

Note #2: Check this post: Computer Record is Rejected in MBAM


1. Uninstall MBAM 2.5 SP1

2. Install MBAM 2.5 SP1, but do NOT run the MBAM Server configuration wizard

3. Install the June 2017 servicing update

4. Run the MBAM Server configuration wizard


Updating the MBAM Clients

You also need to update your existing MBAM clients, and to do that you can either install the MBAM2.5_Client_x64_KB4018510.msp file, or run the MBAM2.5_Client_x64_KB4018510.exe file. If you add /acceptEula=Yes to command line, the upgrade is silent.

For new clients, that doesn’t have the MBAM 2.5 SP1 client installed already, you need to install that one first, and then the June 2017 update, but with some creative command lines you can do that in a single command. The only requirement is that you extract the MbamClientSetup-2.5.1100.0.msi from the MbamClientSetup.exe file. Quickly done by just starting the MbamClientSetup.exe and snatch the .msi from the system.

Here is the command line to install both the 2.5.1100 client and the 2.5.1134 update in one go:

msiexec /i "<path>\MbamClientSetup-2.5.1100.0.msi" /update "<path>\MBAM2.5_Client_x64_KB4018510.msp"


MBAM Clients during OSD

If you are deploying the MBAM client as part of your task sequence, Nickolaj Andersen (@NickolajA) has a nice script for installing the MBAM Client in the task sequence. Download it here: 


Task Sequence configured to install the MBAM Client.


Written by Johan Arwidmark

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