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National Sunglasses Day and a global ransomware attack

Jun 27 2017

Warning: Cute dog and a pitch for a conference Smile


It’s national sunglasses day (I know because I saw it on Twitter), and Rey and I are here in our sunglasses to shed some light on why you should attend IT Dev Connections this fall.

I woke up this morning to the news of yet another global ransomware attack. It seems to me that something that has been around for so long is really becoming quite a large thorn in the side of admins everywhere. With the fast pace of life as an IT Pro, it’s hard to not only keep up to date on what is going on in the world, but also how to filter the news for what is immediately relevant and what might have relevance later down the line. Add to that a heap of advice from blogs and twitter streams and it makes for quite a mess to navigate. How do you determine what is the best advice? How do you know who the experts are?

For me it’s easy! I go to conferences like IT Dev Connections that are intimate enough to allow me to interface with both the attendees and the speakers. I pay attention to what everybody is talking about both at the conference and back home on blogs and Twitter. As the track chair this year for the Enterprise Management Mobility and Security path, I was able to hand pick proven experts to create what I think will be one of the best conferences this year.

If you aren’t sure where to start to gain control of your learning path, your career, and your tech environment, IT Dev Connections is THE place to start!

Sign up for IT Dev Connections!


Where: San Francisco, CA

When: October 23-26

Happy deployment, and thanks for reading!

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