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Reducing Network Impact - One Guide to rule them all

May 30 2017


One guide to rule them all,

One guide to find them,

One guide to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

An Uber-Guide to Reducing Network Impact

This is what you always wanted to know: The Uber-Guide on how to reduce network impact for not only your Windows 10 deployments, but basically everything that relates to transfer large amounts of data over the network.


Windows 10 Deployment with ConfigMgr Current Branch

When using ConfigMgr to deploy and service Windows 10 you can use the following native technologies to reduce network impact. Even cooler, you can combine most of them (Express Installation Files currently does not work with Peer Cache or BranchCache).


Third Party solutions that extends/enhances networking with ConfigMgr

In addition to the native solutions for ConfigMgr there are also several third party vendors extending the capabilities in regards of reducing network impact and much more. The major vendors in this area for ConfigMgr integration are the following:

Adaptiva OneSite:

2PintSoftware StifleR:

1E Nomad:


Bonus: Transferring large amounts of data over the network

Outside the realms of ConfigMgr and MDT, but sometimes you really just need to transfer large amount of data over the network. Here is a list of techniques that helps you do that as efficient as possibly.


Written by Johan Arwidmark

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