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Links to blog posts mentioned in “OS Deployment - Best of 2016 with Mikael and Johan” video

Jan 02 2017

Here are links to all blog posts mentioned in the OS Deployment - Best of 2016 video with me and Mikael Nystrom.

Best of 2016 video – Johan and Mikael style.


The Links

Here is a list of the blog posts:


Back to Basics - Building a Windows 7 SP1 Reference Image using MDT 2013 Update 2

Get rid of all junk before Sysprep


Adding CMTrace to your MDT Lite Touch boot images

Back to Basic – CustomSettings.ini – Explained


Fixing the - Failed to find a valid network adapter - error in ConfigMgr Current Branch

Export drivers using PowerShell

The Gathering 2016


A Geeks Guide to install PowerShell 5.0 for Windows 7 using MDT

Upgrading BIOS during LiteTouch(ZeroTouch) Deployment, for Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo (v2)


Screenshots from MMS 2016

Improving the ConfigMgr Inplace-upgrade Task Sequence

Prevent Windows from randomly run Windows Update


Maintaining WSUS Like a Boss

Measure Disk performance using PowerShell


No, we didn’t miss July, we just didn’t write any blog posts :)


Building a Windows 10 v1607 reference image using MDT 2013 Update 2

Customizing Windows Deployment, think about that for a second


Notes and Links from Master Windows 10 Deployments - Expert Level session at Microsoft Ignite 2016 (BRK4023)

Building a ref image factory


Setting Up New Networking Features in Server 2016

In the LAB, pimping a HP Proliant Microserver


A little bit of ConfigMgr housekeeping

Bunny on Github


Hydration Kit For Windows Server 2016 and ConfigMgr Current / Technical Preview Branch

OSD - Add information to the Computer during OSD using a Custom Tattoo Step

Enjoy! / Johan

Happy deployment, and thanks for reading!
/ The Deployment Research team

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