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List Task Sequence Variables in SCCM 2012

Apr 16 2015

When troubleshooting OSD in SCCM 2012 it’s quite useful to enumerate the various task sequence variables. Here is a script that does that:

The EnumTSVariables.vbs script

By default the script simple outputs to the console, but you can easily pipe the result to a text file: cscript EnumTSVariables.vbs > X:\Result.txt

Dim oTSEnv 

Set oTSEnv = CreateObject("Microsoft.SMS.TSEnvironment") 

Dim oVar

For Each oVar In oTSEnv.GetVariables
    WScript.Echo " "
    WScript.Echo "  "& oVar & vbTab & oTSEnv(oVar) & vbTab

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