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Windows 10 Upgrade Limitations

Jan 27 2015

While in-place upgrades are nice, there are quite a few scenarios when you need to use the old-school deployment scenarios (new computer, refresh computer and replace compute).

Update September 25, 2016: Windows 10 v1607 added in additional support for third party disk encryption.

The Windows 10 Setup Upgrade process

When using the /Auto Upgrade switch to upgrade Windows 7/8/8.1 to Windows 10 (which migrates data, settings and apps) it does NOT support the following:

  • Use a custom reference image
  • Change from BIOS to UEFI or do other disk layout changes (change partitioning)
  • Upgrade when having third party disk encryption (for now, may change depending on vendor)
    • Note: In Windows 10 v1607 (and later), the new /ReflectDrivers setup switch allows inplace-upgrade when using third party disk encryption
  • Upgrade when third party antivirus software installed (for now, may change depending on vendor)
  • Upgrade between architecture (e.g. x86 to x64)
  • Change the language (base OS language)    
  • Change to a lower SKU (the /Auto:Upgrade can only upgrade to the same or higher SKUs)
  • Upgrade a "boot from VHD" system
  • Upgrade Windows To Go USB sticks


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