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Listing applications configured for Task Sequence deployments

Jul 24 2014

Of course you should not be deploying applications, but rather packages in your ConfigMgr 2012 (SCCM) task sequences. But if you do, you can use this little PowerShell script to list applications that have the AutoInstall property set to True, meaning being configured for task sequence deployment.

The Script

$AppList = Get-CMApplication

foreach ($App in $AppList)
    if ($App.SDMPackageXML  -like '*<AutoInstall>true</AutoInstall>*') 
        Write-Output $App.LocalizedDisplayName 

Note #1: If you want to list applications not configured for AutoInstall, just change the operator to –notlike.

Note #2: If you have many applications (like hundreds), the Get-CMApplication cmdlet is quite slow. To get some speedy result, you can also query the fn_ListLatestApplicationCIs(1033) SQL function directly in the ConfigMgr database. Fellow MVP Torsten Meringer have a nice post (in German) here:

Running the script.

The above script enumerates all applications that have the below setting (Allow this application to be installed from the Install Application task sequence without being deployed).

An application configured for task sequence deployment.


/ Johan

Happy deployment, and thanks for reading!

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