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Adding date to the captured WIM File in MDT

Feb 27 2014

When using the build and capture task sequence in MDT Lite Touch it make perfect sense to add date information to the WIM file name created. Since CustomSettings.ini understands inline VBScript you can simply set the following:

BackupFile=%TaskSequenceID%_#year(date) & "-" & day(date) & "-" & month(date)#.wim

Note: Make sure you don’t have “ (curly quotes) in the .ini file but instead use " (straight quotes)


Below is the output from simulating (in PowerShell) a sample CustomSettings.ini file.

Priority=Init, Default


BackupFile=%TaskSequenceID%_#year(date) & "-" & day(date) & "-" & month(date)#.wim


Running the MDT simulation process in PowerShell.

Happy deployment, and thanks for reading!
/ The Deployment Research team

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