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Configure MDT 2010 to send an email when deployment is completed

May 03 2011

A while ago me and fellow MVP Mikael Nystrom created a small vbscript that sends an email when the deployment is completed... Here it is  :)

Download ZTISendmail

Update 2011-06-30: Added the testmail.vbs script for troubleshooting purposes, this is just the CDO.Message code, no MDT involved at all. Run via cscript.exe testmail.vbs to verify your smtp server is correctly configured.


  1. Download and extract the file to a folder, say D:\ZTISendMail
  2. Using Deployment Workbench, create an application using the following settings
    Application with source files
    Application name: ZTISendmail
    Source Directory: D:\ZTISendMail
    Specify the name of the directory that should be created: ZTISendmail
    Command Line: cscript.exe ZTISendmail.wsf
    Working directory: .\Applications\ZTISendmail
  3. Add the ZTISendmail application as the final step of the task sequence (se below screenshot)
  4. Configure your rules (customsettings.ini) using the sample customsettings.ini file (content below).

Priority=Default, SendMail

_SMSTSOrgName=%OSDComputername% soon to be in service...

OSDSendMailSubject=Mail from MDT01
OSDSendMailBody=The computer: %OSDComputerName% was installed at: #Now()#

/ Johan

Happy deployment, and thanks for reading!

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