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Here is a list of useful Windows Operating System, MDT, ConfigMgr, and other OS Deployment resources...

Deployvista (My old Blog :)  ) - Despite the name, dedicated to all types of operating system deployments

Mike's (aka Deploymentbunny) blog - Mikael Nystroms blog

ConfigMgrFTW - Jason Sandys Blog 

Deployment Guys blog - A handful of deployment experts (MCS) are blogging here

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Team Blog - The MDT team blog

Michael Niehaus blog - Nicknamed "Knowledgehaus" internally for his massive knowledge on deployment.

Xtreme Consulting blog - A few of the contractors on the MDT team work for Xtreme, this is their blog

Chris Nackers blog - Deployment Expert, working for Catapult Systems

Josh Mueller blog - Fellow deployment geek...

Maik Koster blog - Deployment Expert, Author, and Developer

MSNLoop - French deployment site (in French) hosted by Yannick Plavonil. - Peter Daalmans blog

DeploymentMX (In Spanish) - Blog from Octavio Rdz

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Live Stream Recordings
ConfigMgr 1806 and W10 OSD

5 Days - Mega Geek Week 
(multiple classes, ConfigMgr, OSD etc.)
- Johan Arwidmark, Mikael Nystrom...
Jun 10, 2019, Chicago, IL, US

4 Days - Windows 10 OSD Classes
- Johan Arwidmark
May 20, 2019, San Diego, CA, US
Jun 17, 2019, Culemborg, NL
Jul 8, 2019, Phoenix, AZ, US

5 days - ConfigMgr Classes
- Johan Arwidmark and Kent Agerlund
Apr 8, 2019, Chicago, IL, US
Apr 22, 2019, Houston, TX, US

Video-based trainings

MDT, Windows 10 and ConfigMgr Books

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