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Error 800700A1 during ConfigMgr OSD

Jan 17 2017
Earlier today I was troubleshooting a deployment of Windows 10 v1607 via ConfigMgr OSD. During the “Use Toolkit” action, the task sequence failed with error 800700A1.

Using ModelAlias for ConfigMgr Driver Management

Dec 18 2016
As you probably know, the various driver vendors do not exactly follow the same standard for labeling their models. This is where the concept of ModelAlias comes in. It just a script that normalizes vendor model names to their real model names. In this post, you learn to use ModelAlias for driver management in ConfigMgr.

Installing SQL Server 2016 like a boss

Dec 14 2016
Every once in a while you need to install SQL Server. It could be the SQL Server Express edition because you are using the Database for MDT Lite Touch, or the full SQL Server to support a System Center product like ConfigMgr Current Branch. Either way, both versions supports installing updates as part of the setup, and here follows the steps to install SQL Server 2016 with SP1 fully automated/unattended.

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