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10 Cool Facts from Podcast about how Microsoft is using SCCM internally

Mar 14 2015

Don’t miss the great podcasts about how Microsoft is using SCCM internally, with Brad Andersson and Kelly Pranghofer.

ITC Podcast: How we use SCCM at Microsoft, Part 1

ITC Podcast: How we use SCCM at Microsoft, Part 2



10 cool facts

Fun fact #1: Microsoft is using one global SCCM hierarchy, one CAS, five primary sites, to manage about 300.000 PCs.

Fun fact #2: Microsoft is using a separate SCCM hierarchy (and team) for managing servers.

Fun fact #3: Microsoft are currently running ConfigMgr 2012 SP2 internally Kelly says. Interesting… :)

Fun fact #4: 70 percent of the PCs at Microsoft are running Windows 8.1.

Fun fact #5: About 13-14 percent are Microsoft folks using a Windows Server OS a desktop on their machines, cool :)

Fun fact #6: 35.000 machines are running #Windows10 at Microsoft (and growing).

Fun fact #7: At patch Tuesday, Microsoft internal goal is to have 98 percent of the machines patched within 7 days

Fun fact #8: Microsoft don't use many secondary sites anymore internally, only 12 or 13.

Fun fact #9: Microsoft are using 300 - 350 throttled DPs used instead of secondary sites (globally).

Fun fact #10: A few weeks before new updates are available publicly, Microsoft uses SCCM to deploy them to about 10k - 15k machines internally.

Happy deployment, and thanks for reading!
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