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Deploying Windows 7 to HP ProBook 640 G1 with ConfigMgr 2012 R2

Jul 05 2014

The last two weeks I’ve been working on a ConfigMgr 2012 R2 project in the US, that also involved OS Deployment. During the project all but one computer model deployed nicely, and the failing machine was the HP ProBook 640 G1 laptop. Even though all drivers installed fine, once the machine was put to standby/hibernate, it never woke up again.

After some troubleshooting (which included testing various BIOS versions) we realized it was the graphics driver causing the resume issue. Once we added the latest driver from AMD (and not the driver from HP), resume started to work again.

Now came the second problem: When deploying the new catalyst driver with ConfigMgr 2012, even though adding it as a driver package, it never completed the driver setup during the task sequence, but first after a login, and a final reboot.

The solution:

First, credits goes to Henrik Ericsson, a fellow ConfigMgr guru working on this project with me.

Step 1 – Create a driver package

Download the all the needed Windows 7 drivers from HP using the HP SoftPaq Download manager, except for the video driver. Download the video driver from AMD (we used the 14.4 version). Import the drivers to ConfigMgr and create a driver package as usual.

Step 2 – Create a driver applications (package) of the AMD driver

Create an application (package) that installs the AMD catalyst driver during the state restore phase of the task sequence. This is the package source folder. You get the content by running the main download (14-4-win7-win8-win8.1-64-dd-ccc-whql.exe) and then cancel the installation wizard after the files are extracted.


The is the program (running setup.exe –INSTALL).


Then add the driver package, and the driver application to the task sequence, and set a condition to only install on HP ProBook 640 G1 hardware.



Happy deployment, Johan

Happy deployment, and thanks for reading!
/ The Deployment Research team

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