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Fix - Cannot start Orchestrator Runbook via ConfigMgr Task Sequence

May 26 2014

During TechEd I was discussing a ConfigMgr issue with Eric Leonard, a fellow ConfigMgr admin in Canada. The issue we were discussing were the following: When having multiple network access accounts configured in ConfigMgr, Orchestrator runbooks could not be started. It turned out there was a bug in ZTIExecuteRunbook.wsf script, a missing single quite. Big thanks to Eric for providing the solution.

Update 2014-05-27: Turned out to be a bug filed (Dec. 2013), please vote it up! Thanks Gaëtan Hermann for letting me know.

The Fix

There bug in the ZTIExecuteRunbook.wsf script is on line 309, highlighted here:

If bNAACred Then 
    ' We will try another account

Obviously, “Continue” is not a valid command in VB script so this causes an error, the fix is to simple add a single quote to comment out the line.

If bNAACred Then 
    ' We will try another account
    ' Continue

Happy Deployment, Johan

Happy deployment, and thanks for reading!
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