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PowerShell Script to set permissions in Active Directory for OSD

Mar 12 2014

During the MVA Windows 8.1 Deployment Jump Start session, I demonstrated a PowerShell that me and Mikael Nystrom put together for an upcoming book. Here it is:

The syntax to run it is: Set-OUPermissions.ps1 -Account CM_JD –TargetOU "OU=Workstations,OU=ViaMonstra"

Account is the account in AD for which you want to assign permissions, TargetOU is for which OU.

You don’t need to specify the domain, the script finds your domain.

Script name: Configure-OUPermissions
Created:     2013-01-08
Version:     1.0
Author       Mikael Nystrom and Johan Arwidmark       

This script is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, confers no rights and 
is not supported by the authors or DeploymentArtist.

Author - Mikael Nystrom
    Twitter: @mikael_nystrom
    Blog   :

Author - Johan Arwidmark
    Twitter: @jarwidmark
    Blog   :

[parameter(mandatory=$true,HelpMessage="Please, provide a name.")][ValidateNotNullOrEmpty()]$Account,
[parameter(mandatory=$true,HelpMessage="Please, provide the OU to be used.")][ValidateNotNullOrEmpty()]$TargetOU

# Start logging to screen
Write-host (get-date -Format u)" - Starting"

# This i what we typed in
Write-host "Account to search for is" $Account
Write-Host "OU to search for is" $TargetOU

$CurrentDomain = Get-ADDomain

$OrganizationalUnitDN = $TargetOU+","+$CurrentDomain
$SearchAccount = Get-ADUser $Account

$SAM = $SearchAccount.SamAccountName
$UserAccount = $CurrentDomain.NetBIOSName+"\"+$SAM

Write-Host "Account is = $UserAccount"
Write-host "OU is =" $OrganizationalUnitDN

dsacls.exe $OrganizationalUnitDN /G $UserAccount":CCDC;Computer" /I:T | Out-Null
dsacls.exe $OrganizationalUnitDN /G $UserAccount":LC;;Computer" /I:S | Out-Null
dsacls.exe $OrganizationalUnitDN /G $UserAccount":RC;;Computer" /I:S | Out-Null
dsacls.exe $OrganizationalUnitDN /G $UserAccount":WD;;Computer" /I:S  | Out-Null
dsacls.exe $OrganizationalUnitDN /G $UserAccount":WP;;Computer" /I:S  | Out-Null
dsacls.exe $OrganizationalUnitDN /G $UserAccount":RP;;Computer" /I:S | Out-Null
dsacls.exe $OrganizationalUnitDN /G $UserAccount":CA;Reset Password;Computer" /I:S | Out-Null
dsacls.exe $OrganizationalUnitDN /G $UserAccount":CA;Change Password;Computer" /I:S | Out-Null
dsacls.exe $OrganizationalUnitDN /G $UserAccount":WS;Validated write to service principal name;Computer" /I:S | Out-Null
dsacls.exe $OrganizationalUnitDN /G $UserAccount":WS;Validated write to DNS host name;Computer" /I:S | Out-Null
dsacls.exe $OrganizationalUnitDN
/ Johan

Happy deployment, and thanks for reading!
/ The Deployment Research team

Ami Casto

Johan Arwidmark

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