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Enabling Virtual Secure Mode (VSM) in Windows 10 Enterprise Build 10130

Jun 20 2015
This turned out to be a somewhat interesting Saturday afternoon. I finally got some time to play around with the Virtual Secure Mode feature that is available in Windows 10 Enterprise (only). Since that feature requires the Hyper-V hypervisor to be installed, and I’m still running Windows Server 2012 R2 on my main Hyper-V hosts, testing this in a virtual machine was not an option. Instead I used a Dell XPS 13 (4393) Core i7 box, which is a quite nice machine.

Creating Automatic Deployment Rules (ADR) using PowerShell

Jun 02 2015
Spent some time this afternoon writing a PowerShell script that created a Automatic Deployment Rule for ConfigMgr 2012 (SCCM). The script is using the native SCCM cmdlets  and also creates a Software Update Deployment Package that the ADR is using.

Using the LocationServer.xml feature in MDT 2013

May 28 2015
MDT 2013 Lite Touch has a built-in functions to prompt for deployment share via the LocationServer.xml file. Most times I use the default gateway property to have clients automatically select the right server depending on what subnet they are on, but sometimes prompting can be useful too.

Windows 10 Setup - Technical Drilldown

May 20 2015
During Microsoft Ignite there was an awesome session on the Windows 10 Setup Engine. It was the “Upgrading to Windows 10 In Depth” session presented by Aziz El Ouaqid which you find here:

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