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Deploying Windows Server 2016 to Intel NUC devices

Nov 22 2015
The Intel NUC  devices have turned out to be a great machine for a small but efficient Hyper-V host. The challenge is that Intel doesn’t get that, and in fact block their network adapter device drivers for Windows Server 2016. In this post you learn how to fix this properly.

New blog post: Inside Windows 10 ADK Build 10586

Nov 15 2015
The latest Windows 10 ADK update, build 10586, was silently released a few days ago (Thanks Keith Garner for tweeting the download link). In this post you learn about what’s changed.

List of Windows 10 features that requires UEFI

Oct 15 2015
One of the many restrictions of the Windows 10 inplace-upgrade process is that it doesn’t support changing BIOS to EUFI (see my Windows 10 Upgrade Limitations post for complete listing). So, do you really need UEFI to deploy Windows 10?  The answer is no, Windows 10 can absolutely be deployed to BIOS-based machines, but some of it’s features does require UEFI. Here is the (current)list:

Troubleshooting PXE-booting of Gen 2 VMs in ConfigMgr 2012

Oct 15 2015
Earlier today I had the opportunity to troubleshoot a ConfigMgr 2012 R2 SP1 CU1 server that could happily PXE boot Generation 1 VMs, but not Generation 2 VMs. The SMSPXE.Log had really no info than it tried to serve the wdsmgfw.efi to the client. but then nothing happened.

Windows 10 drivers for Surface 3

Oct 13 2015
Finding Windows 10 drivers, or drivers in general, for the Surface 3 machine can be a bit challenging since Microsoft decided to change the search experience for their download site from poor to worse. Anyway, the trick is to Google/Bing for the Surface Pro 3 drivers which are available here:

Adding ADSI Support for WinPE 10

Oct 04 2015
This feels like the never ending story… I created an ADSI plugin for WinPE 2.0 back in 2007/2008-ish, and for every new release of WinPE I get requests for a new version. So here it is.

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