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Running the MDT 2013 Update 2 Task Sequence as a Different User

Feb 02 2016
When using MDT 2013 Update 2 (Lite Touch) for your deployments the default behavior is to run every task sequence action as the local Administrator account. In addition to this, MDT also connects to the deployment share using the account you start the deployment with. Either typed in via MDT deployment wizard login dialog box, or automated via bootstrap.ini. But what if you want to run the task sequence, at least the last part of it, as a different user in order to access resources on other servers than the deployment server? Or simply to install applications as a different user.

Have ConfigMgr send an email after deployment (including log parsing)

Jan 29 2016
Over the years I have been using a few different scripts to have the task sequence send an email when the deployment is completed. For example this post: Configure MDT 2010 to send an email when deployment is completed. Another common way to do this is to use status filter rules in ConfigMgr. A good example is the Send an email when OSD completes a deployment post by Benoit Lecours.

Who is General Failure, and why is he reading my disk?

Jan 22 2016
It’s been two great weeks, I’ve been travelling the US presenting Windows 10 trainings and sessions in Phoenix, Austin and Dallas (SCU 2016). But, it turned out I said something wrong, on all of them too, which is a new kind of record for me… Anyway I decided to use this classic joke as the headline for an apology, and clarification, to the good folks attending my Windows 10 sessions.

Links from Best of 2015 - OS Deployment, MDT, ConfigMgr (and some other stuff)

Jan 01 2016
In the 78 minute long Best of 2015 - OS Deployment, MDT, ConfigMgr  (and some other stuff) video, presented by Mikael Nystrom and Johan Arwidmark, we have gathered our favorite things from 2015. A mix of war stories, demos, events, deployments and more... Here are the links mentioned in that video (also available as annotations during the video).

Hydration Kit For ConfigMgr

Dec 04 2015
As you probably have notices, at least if you use Twitter, is that the new generation of ConfigMgr products were released yesterday (December 3). The first version is ConfigMgr v1511, and here is an hydration kit that’s builds it for you.

Fixing MDT 2013 Update 1 deployment share permissions using PowerShell

Dec 02 2015
You probably know that a bug in MDT 2013 Update 1 causes some very strange permissions being set on the deployment share created via Deployment Workbench. Here is a script that sets them to a working level. If needed, modify the script to fit your environment, for example, you may not use the VIAMONSTRA\MDT_BA account.

Deploying Windows Server 2016 to Intel NUC devices

Nov 22 2015
The Intel NUC  devices have turned out to be a great machine for a small but efficient Hyper-V host. The challenge is that Intel doesn’t get that, and in fact block their network adapter device drivers for Windows Server 2016. In this post you learn how to fix this properly.

New blog post: Inside Windows 10 ADK Build 10586

Nov 15 2015
The latest Windows 10 ADK update, build 10586, was silently released a few days ago (Thanks Keith Garner for tweeting the download link). In this post you learn about what’s changed.

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