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Inside Windows ADK 10 v1607

Aug 02 2016
It’s early August, and a shiny August it is already: Both Windows 10 v1607 and Windows 10 ADK v1607 released within 24 hours :)

Building the perfect ConfigMgr boot image

Jun 17 2016
Since ConfigMgr 2012 R2 SP1, the boot images used has been more “sensitive” to network configurations, and in ConfigMgr Current Branch it got even worse. However with some simple tweaks you can configure the boot images to work in the crappiest of networks. Here is what you need to do.

Understanding logging in ConfigMgr OS Deployment

Jun 15 2016
Anyone using ConfigMgr for OS Deployment for more than four seconds knows that it’s the log files you turn to when things go wrong. However even in ConfigMgr Current Branch (currently v1511 as base version, with v1602 as most recent upgrade), since debug logging is enabled by default, a log file can easily grow to 5 – 6 MB with just the default task sequence. That wouldn’t be much problem if the log file didn’t truncate a 2 MB, and then created an archive (one archive only). 2 + 2 MB is still less than 5 – 6 MB.

Ad Hoc PowerShelling - Getting data from Windows Defender

Jun 03 2016
Most managing solutions (SCCM/ConfigMgr, Intune, or just scheduled PowerShell tasks :) ) makes use of an agent type method for control, to make sure the computer can do the work when it’s capable of doing so (like being on the network, powered on etc.). However, sometimes you have to get some Ad Hoc work done quickly, on as many machines as possible at that moment, and for that PowerShell and CIM sessions can be very useful.

Improving the ConfigMgr Inplace-Upgrade Task Sequence

May 26 2016
As you probably know, ConfigMgr Current Branch has a built-in task sequence template for Windows 10 Inplace-Upgrades. This template is used for Windows 7/8/8.1 to Windows 10 upgrades as well as Windows 10 to Windows 10 upgrades (when a new build is available).

Fix for Windows 10 exhausted pool of TCP/IP ports

May 03 2016
Lately one of my Windows 10 machines started to behave quite strange, after about a day of use, browsing Internet was no longer possible. I could still ping resources, but not use any browser or other application requiring Internet access. A reboot fixed the problem, and then after about a day, sometimes less, the same thing happened.

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